Roots and Wings Primary School - Where the essence of every child is honoured

Roots and Wings is a small-size international school whose fundamental guiding principle is the unfolding of each child's full potential.

Our progressive methods aim to nurture the senses in the early years with a view to building a foundation for abstract thinking. We draw on best practice from a panoply of educational sources including the Reggio Emilia approach, the Finnish educational system and the work of Sugata Mitra (SOLE sessions). 

Our educational team prides itself in continually evaluating and revising its approach based on the latest research in the fields of education and child development.

Our approach places equal importance on a solid academic foundation, emotional awareness and expression, artistic freedom, and ultimately supporting each child's unique development process. An integrated project-based approach pervades all the subjects taught in order to highlight the child’s relationship to the natural world and to intellectual ideas alike. 

Through our project-based approach:

  • Learning comes to life.
  • The inquisitive nature of children is awakened and fostered.
  • Students and teachers are co-creators of each learning experience through self-organised learning environment(SOLE) sessions.
  • Children's interests become learning themes leading to in-depth integration of the covered material.
  • With each theme, all learning areas are covered (maths, sciences, language skills, arts...) in a meaningful context.

Thanks to the school's very unique setting in the middle of a wooded park, we are able to integrate the school curriculum with very hands-on day to day activities.  In this way, we are able to achieve:

  • mindfulness in the student, (a capacity to focus exclusively on one task and be very present in the moment, increased patience, and an ability to remain calm when faced with frustrating situations and intense emotions)
  • greater self-reliance and independent thinking
  • better brain development through regular and prolonged periods spent in the fresh air.  This provides greater oxygenation which promotes healthy brain development. 
  • the outdoors as a 'second classroom' and place of learning.

Roots and Wings Primary School in Brussels.

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