Roots and Wings Primary School - Where the essence of every child is honoured

Our Team

We empower, inspire and guide.

We allow each child's essence to unfold and shine through.
From this place, they can access and integrate Knowledge consciously.

Ashley Ostler  

Ashley is our early years specialist. She creates the most favorable environment in which children can learn and grow while staying connected to their imagination.    




Carol Bancroft

"I feel truly blessed to be part of the amazing Roots and Wings family where everyone respects and embraces individual growth. I bring to the team a heartfelt passion for children's play, a treasure chest of teaching experience, a calm kindness and nurturing love of people, their stories and journeys, and a reverence for the awesome outdoors."

Jeanne De Mayer

Jeanne embodies true joy for learning, as she embarks on many discovering journeys with the children every day. She also accompanies them on emotional journeys of self-expression and deeper understanding of others.

Olivier Van Itterbek

Olivier leads the physical education classes at Roots and Wings, incorporating acrobatics, body awareness and movements that fosters whole brain learning.

Soraya Yavari

"Every child has a unique story to live and, knowledge to connect to, in order to grow roots and wings.
We create the space for it all to happen."

Sybille Forget

"As a teacher, therapist and artist, my main intention at Roots and Wings is to support the full expression of children's creativity. Creativity being the capacity we all have to discover, experiment, explore and create, in our own unique ways and, learn and grow from these experiences. As children begin to trust their creativity they start building an authentic and respectful relationship to self and others."

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